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Design your next initiative with users, not just for them.

Design With is a free, self-scheduled guide to collaborative design for social change.

co-design workshop

Get better outcomes through collaboration.

We’ve all seen products and strategies developed in a vacuum, without user feedback. And we’ve seen the results—imperfect solutions and wasted efforts.

In developing solutions directly with the people who will use and deliver them, co-design is the surest process we know for designing effective and sustainable initiatives.

In this five-module course, you’ll receive the guidance you need to:

  • Know if your project is well-suited for co-design
  • Plan in advance for complex power dynamics and common barriers to implementation
  • Facilitate workshops with awareness and empathy
  • Think beyond a single co-design touchpoint and create lasting impact

Co-design, delivered.

Design With adapts to your workflow. A modular framework breaks the process down into co-design building blocks you can explore in stages. Dynamic, multimedia learning materials let you read up, tune in, write it down, reflect back, or talk it out—however you learn best.

You can have the course delivered straight to your inbox, at the pace you choose. Star, save, or file away each module and return to it as you need it.